Transpersonal Psychology is based on the work of C.G. Jung, Carl Rogers, Roberto Assagioli, Abraham Maslow and others. It combines systems theory with person-centered, humanistic and spiritual psychologies.

Have you ever asked yourself while in the midst of a difficult personal crisis, “Is this all there is”? At a crossroad in our lives, many of us have wondered if and how we can find a way out of our painful dilemma.

For a Transpersonal Counsellor, resolution lies in our answer to Einstein’s famous questions, “Is the Universe a Friendly Place or Not”? Our answer determines our experience.
From a place of fear, we will likely seek strategies designed to protect us from feeling our pain. However, in the long run, this can be more of a problem as we are left feeling alone and essentially caught in the grips of repeating patterns of negative beliefs about ourselves and those around us. Our struggle usually persists, with growing intensity and becomes harder and harder to cope with.

If we can stand in a place of loving forgiveness, we are more likely to drop our elaborate and isolating defense systems and by doing so, discover a deeper, more hopeful truth about ourselves. As we open to the possibility of something new, we create the opportunity for healing and growth. The goal is to remove the blocks to our happiness and in the process, discover a greater life purpose.

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