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I feel that today’s session was of great value and has given me significant food for thought and self-reflection.
You were a HUGE help in getting us through a very tough time and we really appreciated your gentleand supportive manner.
My time with you was incredibly valuable and I learned a lot. On another note, I’ve never see “S” so happy. He’s sure in a good place right now. I’m glad he went to see you. Thanks again for everything.
Fran uses a type of therapy specifically created for couples called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). I have been to couples therapy with previous partners (and therapists), and I have never felt so supported during a session. The techniques she uses help my partner and I really hear each ...
I would highly recommend Fran as a therapist for any struggling couple, as well as for any individuals needing extra emotional support and understanding.
I appreciate your calm and caring energy.
My wife and I are finally moving forward together.
I have learned so much and will be forever grateful to Fran for guiding me through this journey.
We have had a very positive experience and will be seeing Fran again.  It helped us as my husband is moving back in with me tomorrow.

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